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Monday, October 5, 2009

Dates for End of Year Exam.
Do revise and study hard!
Pass above 50%!

6:07 PM
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Everyone, Good Luck For MYE Science Tomorrow Alrights? Please Remb. To Bring CALCULATOR, If Not, U Can Forget About Doing The Physics Parts.

About The Class Outing Things, It'll be confirmed A.S.A.P!


6:46 PM

It's me, LCL:D again!
I'm here to tell those who asked for my e-mail before and those who need it to contact me.
My e-mail is:

Hahah, that's all yeah?
And those who still haven't finish the D&T work, do it soon.
And erm, all the best for Science!
Hahah, gtg liao (:
I needa revise!

-For those who doesn't know who i am, i'm Cai Ling :D

12:19 PM
Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey yo, Cai Ling here :D!

Peepos, I just heard somebody complaining that someone changed the blogskin. I won't say who, but then, seriously, if you wanna change, can you just paste the printscreen here and let us see, so that we can say whether we like it or not, if not, we'll just stick to the one YuXuan made. If you guys want to know the username and password, but don't abide to the rules, i won't help the class to protest anymore if Xavier or YuXuan changed the password. If you want to post, make sure you abide to the rules, if not, be ready to bear the consequences.

Make sure you screw this in your mind (:

And if you don't know how to link, don't do it, cause the posting had some problems, but it's now solved.

10:38 PM

1E3, please get the password from us on Tuesday, remember ya.
& yes, please dont touch the template when you're not even Xavier, Cailing & me. -.-"
So Jeanic, please stop touching the template & edit it as & when you like. Thank you,
Goodluck to you guys for your MYE(:


10:31 PM
Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hello Everyone.

XiaoYu Here! Don't Ask Me How I Got The Account. I Don't Know Alrights? An Unknown Number Just Sent Me The Account. I Del'ed The Message Already.

Erm... So I'm Trying To Organize Class Outing A.K.A Farewell Party For Miss Evangeline Wong, Mr Harold Ho And Miss Gwendolyn Wong. Below Are Some Polls, 1E3 Classmates and Teachers, Please Vote Alrights? Only 1E3 People Vote Please.

**Read This Before Doing The Below Poll!**
A Class Fund Is A Fund Where Classes Give Money Each Month, And At The End Of The Year, We Can All Use the Funds To Go Out & Play After Exams!

**If For The CO/FW PARTY & Class Fund, If Money Is Leftover, They Will Be Returned!**
I'm Not Sure If Many Of U Will Disagree...


12:26 PM
Saturday, April 4, 2009

Well, ya, we cant give. But if you have an blogger acc, do tell me through MSN so that I can invite you as someone who can post. Thus, you can post but cannot edit the template(: Hahah! How evil am i?. :X So, add me in MSN if you have an blogger acc. :]


9:02 PM